Al Nassr fixtures schedule 2023-2024: When does Cristiano Ronaldo play in Saudi Pro League, AFC Champions League | Sporting News United Kingdom (2024)

The 2023/24 Saudi Pro League season continues to attract major international attention following the wave of transfer signings to the country during the summer of 2023.

The Cristiano Ronaldo-inspired focus on Al Nassr that started in January 2023 will be stepped up even more as Ronaldo is now joined by stars like Sadio Mane, Marcelo Brozovic, Seko Fofana, and Alex Telles, who have already helped to deliver a first piece of silverware with the Arab Club Champions Cup.

But stars have flocked to other Saudi Arabian teams, too. Following a move by the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) to bring four of the league's biggest clubs under their financial control, the transfers have rolled in across the board.

The increase in star names alongside Ronaldo, including his former Real Madrid teammate Karim Benzema (Al Ittihad), World Cup winner N'Golo Kante (Al Ittihad) and Brazil star Neymar (Al Hilal), will bring more eyes on the league for the new campaign.

For those tuning in for Ronaldo,The Sporting News details his schedule with Al Nassr for the coming season.

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Al Nassr next match

Al Nassr's next competitive match is on Sunday, February 25, 2024.They will be facing Al Shabab in Saudi Pro League play.

  • Al Nassr next match:vs. Al Shabab (Away)
  • Competition: Saudi Pro League
  • Stadium: Al Shabab FC Stadium (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
  • Date / Time:Sunday, February 25, 2024 / 1 p.m. ET

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Al Nassr fixtures schedule 2023/24

Al Nassr are competing across five competitions in the 2023/24 season including the Saudi Pro League, King Cup, AFC Champions League, Arab Club Champions Cup, and Saudi Super Cup.

The Saudi Pro League released its fixtures on July 15, 2023 with the 2023/24 season starting for Al Nassr on August 14, 2023 and ending in May 2024. There are sure to be changesto the club's 34 league schedule due to the various commitments over the course of the campaign.

All times local for match location.

July10PreseasonAlverca (POR)NW 2-0
July 14PreseasonFarense (POR)NW 5-1
July 17PreseasonCelta Vigo (ESP)NL 5-0
July 20PreseasonBenfica (POR)NL 4-1
July 25PreseasonPSG (FRA)ND 0-0
July 27PreseasonInter Milan (ITA)ND 1-1
July 28Arab Club
Champions Cup
Group StageAl ShababND 0-0
July 31Arab Club
Champions Cup
Group StageMonastir (TUN)NW 4-1
Aug. 3Arab Club
Champions Cup
Group StageZamalek (EGY)ND 1-1
Aug. 6Arab Club
Champions Cup
QuarterfinalRaja (MAR)NW 3-1
Aug. 9Arab Club
Champions Cup
SemifinalAl Shorta (IRQ)NW 1-0
Aug. 12Arab Club
Champions Cup
FinalAl HilalNW 2-1
Aug. 14Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 1 of 34Al EttifaqAL 2-1
Aug. 18Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 2 of 34Al TaawounHL 2-0
Aug. 22AFC Champions
PlayoffShabab Al-AhliHW 4-2
Aug. 25Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 3 of 34Al FatehAW 5-0
Aug. 29Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 4 of 34Al ShababHW 4-0
Sept. 2Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 5 of 34Al HazmAW 5-1
Sep. 9AFC Champions LeagueGroup Stage R1Persepolis (IRN)AW 2-0
Sept. 15Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 6 of 34Al RaedAW 3-1
Sept. 21Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 7 of 34Al AhliHW 4-3
Sept. 24King CupRd. of 32OhodAW 5-1
Sept. 29Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 8 of 34Al Ta'eeAW 2-1
Oct. 2AFC Champions LeagueGroup Stage R2Istiklol (TJK)HW 3-1
Oct. 5Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 9 of 34AbhaHD 2-2
Oct. 19Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 10 of 34DamacHW 2-1
Oct. 24AFC Champions LeagueGroup Stage R3Al Duhail (QAT)HW 4-3
Oct. 28Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 11 of 34Al FeihaAW 3-1
Oct. 31Kings CupRound of 16Al EttifaqHW 1-0 (AET)
Nov. 1Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 12 of 34Al KhaleejHW 2-0
Nov. 7AFC Champions LeagueGroup Stage R4Al Duhail (QAT)AW 3-2
Nov. 12Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 13 of 34Al WehdaAW 3-1
Nov. 24Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 14 of 34Al AkhdoudHW 3-0
Nov. 27AFC Champions LeagueGroup Stage R5Persepolis (IRN)HD 0-0
Nov. 30Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 15 of 34Al HilalAL 3-0
Dec. 5AFC Champions LeagueGroup Stage R6Istiklol (TJK)AD 1-1
Dec. 8Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 16 of 34Al RiyadhHW 4-1
Dec. 11Kings CupQuarterfinalAl ShababAW 5-2
Dec. 22Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 17of 34Al EttifaqHW 3-1
Dec. 26Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 18of 34Al IttihadAW 5-2
Dec. 28Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 19 of 34Al TaawounAW 4-1
Feb. 14AFC Champions LeagueRound of 16Al FeihaAW 1-0
Feb. 17Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 20 of 34Al FatehHW 2-1
Feb. 21AFC Champions LeagueRound of 16Al FeihaHW 2-0
Feb. 25Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 21 of 34Al ShababA
Mar. 7Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 22 of 34Al HazmH
Mar. 14Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 23 of 34Al RaedH
Mar. 28Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 24 of 34Al AhliA
April 4Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 25 of 34Al Ta'eeH
April 11Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 26 of 34AbhaA
April 18Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 27 of 34DamacA
April 25Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 28 of 34Al FeihaH
May 2Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 29 of 34Al KhaleejA
May 6Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 30 of 34Al WehdaH
May 9Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 31 of 34Al AkhdoudA
May 16Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 32 of 34Al HilalH
May 23Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 33 of 34Al RiyadhA
May 27Saudi Pro LeagueMatch 34 of 34Al IttihadH

Is Al Nassr playing in the Asian Champions League?

Despite losing out to Al Ittihad in the 2022/23 Saudi Pro League title race by just five points, their second-place finish secured Al Nassr a place in Asia's AFC Champions League playoffs for the upcoming season.

Ronaldo and Co. sealed a 4-2 win over UAE sideShabab Al-Ahli in the playoff round to book a group-stage place, where they were paired withPersepolis (Iran),Al-Duhail (Qatar) andFC Istiklol (Tajikstan), in Group E.Al Nassr qualified as winners of the group.

In the Round of 16,Ronaldo scored the only goal of the game as Al Nassr won the first leg against Al Feiha 1-0 on February 14, 2024. The return leg ended 2-0 to the home side as Ronaldo again got on the scoresheet. They will now face Al Ain in the quarterfinals.

Al Nassr reached the semifinals of the competition in 2021/22, but failed to qualify for it in 2022/23, with their best run in the tournament coming as runners-up to South Korea's Seongnam FC in 1995.

Al Nassr fixtures schedule 2023-2024: When does Cristiano Ronaldo play in Saudi Pro League, AFC Champions League | Sporting News United Kingdom (2024)


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